Fields of Play

Sport as theater.

The tale continually acted out. The outcome continually being re-written, and re-written:

The fear of striking out. Followed by long foul ball. And then a hit, as glee makes it to first base.

Lungs screaming on the third lap of the mile.

A pass intercepted, the lead recovered. New life. But then a missed call. That’s ridiculous! We’ve got a blind man here in need of healing! Let’s ask the fans. What did they see?

And, while we’re at it, whatever happened to sportsmanship?

And how, in the name of youth, does misfortune find a way to crawl under the fence and stir up enough trouble to take the game to sudden death?

Hope. Struggle. Accomplishment. And how do you survive a loss?

Sport as life.

Whether or not your heart’s into it like mine, let me scoot over so you can see better.

When our son was in Little League, I tried to drive home the importance of teamwork. “Remember, there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team,’” I  told him. “Yes,” he replied, “but there’s ‘I’ in ‘win.’”