There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. How might newly-spoken stories exhume our doubts and fears and free us to feel the pulse of our heart’s true desire? 

 — Maya Angelou

This snapshot puts me smack in the middle of childhood, between my parents (left) and their friends. Can stories do the same–help locate and reveal the people, places and moments that truly matter?

Taking  Maya Angelou’s words one step further:

To feel the pulse of your heart’s desire is to begin to sense the heart of God beating, moving, living in you.

Story. Listening. Prayer.

This is the contemplative fabric of Markings.

And here is one thread–a question–that runs throughout these pages. Before you turn in tonight, ask yourself, “Where, today, did I feel most truly alive? . . . Where did I experience God?”

Then, ask yourself, “Where did I feel life draining out of me? Where was God distant for me?”

Your reflectiveness, awareness, and responsiveness will reveal the story of your day and where God has been with you, in you, and for you.

May something in the stories in Markings reveal your own.