Mark Cutshall is a spiritual director who enjoys companioning others in their deepening journey with Jesus.

Mark serves on the board of Christian Formation and Discernment Ministries Northwest (cfdmnorthwest.org), through which he completed his training in spiritual direction. An undergraduate of Whitworth University, he has taken graduate courses at Seattle Pacific Seminary.

As a professional writer, Mark specializes in being a corporate storyteller for non-profit, faith-based ministry organizations. He is especially grateful anytime he can get the words going in the right direction.

He tries to stay out of trouble by exercising, reading theology, and shopping for used vinyl records, including modern jazz—which he’s still trying to figure out.

Markings has a lot to do with how and why the human heart yearns for God. Honesty, messiness, loss, and joy are all included.

I’m often mindful of what someone told me years ago: “Tell your story in such a way so that in it others find their own.” As this happens, my hope is that our unique spiritual journeys can feed a widening conversation of what it means to notice, seek, and participate with the Trinitarian God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—whose own heart yearns for us.